In his book Firing Back, former Missouri Republican Congressman Todd Akin rails against Democrats, the national media, and the betrayal of fellow republicans who he says didn't just throw him under the bus, they backed the bus up, did it again, and is now doing it to other true conservatives.

In a satellite interview from New York, Akin said, "It's also being done by Republicans to Republicans, which is that character assassination when you know somebody is innocent and hasn't done anything and you smear them as being some sort of a nut in some particular way, and you know it's not true. It's dishonest and it's destroying different people's character and I think bearing false witness that way is very bad for everybody and our country."

Akin also shared his side of the "legitimate rape" comment and the subsequent sinking of his 2012 senate campaign.

"I went from being a reasonably respectable congressman to the worst villain in world history sort of in a period of two weeks or so. So that's a pretty scary kind of scenario," he said.

Just 14 months ago, when he spoke exclusively with KSDK, he said that settling scores would serve no purpose.

"I'm not going to try to get even with anybody. If you start to blame everyone else for something that happened you didn't like, it will destroy you. It will eat you alive," he said.

Fast forward to our interview Tuesday afternoon when we mentioned that his book appears to be doing just that, settling scores.

"This book tells the truth. It's not an attempt to get even with anybody but simply to describe what happened," Akin explained.

In the book, Akin expands on his belief that party bosses think they are smarter than everyone else.

"They believe that the voters of a state are going to pick the wrong person. They are not smart enough and so we have to select somebody…so it's a question for republicans. Is it better to have an election that is a primary election or a selection by party leaders?" he said.

Akin said when he made the comment about legitimate rape he misspoke, but he wishes he hadn't apologized because it made him look guilty.

Akin expressed frustration with the visceral reaction to his words about pregnancy and rape, while he says there was nothing but applause at the democratic national convention when Bill Clinton took the stage.

"Two weeks later and you have…the keynote speaker [Clinton], and he has a history of sexual abuse. I'm not talking about one incident. I'm talking about sexual abuse and sexual misbehavior, and he gets applause at the DNC convention," Akin said. "That is the real war on women."

Akin also talked about Hillary Clinton and her role in representing an accused rapist in 1975.

Adrienne Elrod, of the pro-Clinton group Correct the Record told Politico, Akin's comments about the Clintons are just an example of Akin becoming "more delusional by the day."

As for whether he will rule out another political run, Akin said, "I don't rule anything out, I just got to take each day at a time now...l've never done a book so we're doing that….we just have to see what is going to happen."