One of the most watched races nationally in this year’s is expected to be the Missouri Senate race between incumbent Sen. Roy Blunt and Democratic Secretary of State Jason Kander.

A Monmouth poll released on Nov. 1 showed Blunt holding a statistically meaningless 1-point lead, down from a 5-point lead Blunt held in August.

Both candidates have had large monetary support from national interests trying to swing the senate one way or the other. According to a USA Today report, the candidates do not even account for half of the spending in the race.

In addition to the money pouring in, Kander got support from Vice President Joe Biden at a campaign event in late October.

If Kander can unseat Blunt, he would join fellow Democrat Claire McCaskill in Washington. It would be the first time since the mid ‘70s that Missouri would be represented by two Democrats.

The fight for control of the Senate will be a toss-up until polls close Tuesday, with Missouri and five other Senate races virtually tied heading into Election Day, and only Nevada is a seat currently held by a Democrat.