A big change is coming to St. Louis law enforcement. On Friday, Kimberly Gardner was sworn in as the new circuit attorney.

It's more than a new name and face — It's a potentially new direction in how the city goes after criminals.

Friday afternoon, Gardner was all smiles and already settling in her new role — the St. Louis native said her main mission is to reduce crime in the city.

"Being from North City, seeing the violent crime and how it plagues in all of our communities how it plagues
children, families," Gardner said.  "How it prevents kids from going outside, it prevents neighbors from getting to know each other. So, it's dear to my heart and it's a serious issue that I lived with all my life and the chance to address that is an honor"

When it comes to addressing crime, Gardner said she expects some tough challenges ahead, but said prosecuting attorneys have the tools to do what it takes.

She'll begin by re-evaluating the current plans in place like the armed offender docket, which would filter gun cases through a smaller group of judges and prosecutors.

Gardner also wants to address how to build a stronger trust between the community and law enforcement.

She wants to reduce re-arrest rates and bring the non-violent, low-level offenders out of jail so the most dangerous can be held accountable.