No two candidates running for state office in Missouri offer voters a more striking contrast than Republican Josh Hawley and Democrat Teresa Hensley.

Hawley is proud of his background in constitutional law, and Hensley touts her experience as a veteran prosecutor, but both differ on whose resume makes them best suited to be Missouri's next attorney general.

Striking contrasts
Hawley presents himself as a shield for Missouri's most vulnerable, including families and farmers, and say he would stand up against political corruption in Missouri. He told an audience of attorneys that Hensley has "sided with the Washington regulators rather than with the people of Missouri.

"I think in this day and age, we simply can't have that," he said. "The people of Missouri don't need a critic. They need an advocate."

Hensley considers her years in elected office a plus and says it means she'll be ready to do the job, if elected. She points out that she had spent time in "real courts" — a shot at Hawley, who is not a trial lawyer and has not prosecuted a case.

Both have been recognized for their law and order credentials. Hensley has been endorsed by the Missouri Fraternal Order of Police. Hawley has won the favor of prosecutors and sheriffs across the state, including in Greene and Christian counties.