Republican Missouri lawmakers are wasting no time taking action on what they say is a priority this session-- passing right-to-work legislation.

So far, five different bills have been filed in the Missouri House proposing making Missouri a right-to-work state, and one bill has been filed in the Missouri Senate.

The House bills are:
House Bill 42 - Sponsored by Rep. Bill White
House Bill 91 - Sponsored by Rep. Holly Rehder
House Bill 131 - Sponsored by Rep. Bill Lant
House Bill 265 - Sponsored by Rep. Rick Brattin
House Bill 314 - Sponsored by Rep. Charlie Davis

The Senate bill is:
Senate Bill 19 - Sponsored by Sen. Dan Brown

"Right-to-work" refers to an employee's right to decide whether or not they'd like to join a labor union, instead of being forced to join a union for certain jobs.

Supporters of right-to-work legislation say it'll help attract new companies and more jobs to our state.

Opponents say it takes away the power labor unions have to protect workers' rights, and will decrease wages for skilled labor.

During the 2015 legislative session, former Governor Jay Nixon vetoed right-to-work legislation. The newly-inaugurated governor, Eric Greitens, has been a vocal supporter of right-to-work laws.