A big crowd of protesters shut down traffic in part of Clayton Wednesday.

The crowd gathered outside Senator Roy Blunt's office near the intersection of Bonhomme and Hanley.

The protest kept growing through the afternoon, and eventually blocked traffic on Hanley at times.

The protesters are upset about President Trump's executive order on immigration and travel from seven muslim-majority countries.

Republican Senator Roy Blunt released the following statement in response to the protest:

“The right to protest peacefully is a fundamental part of who we are as a nation, and I always appreciate Missourians sharing their views. I believe our top priority should be to keep Americans safe. That’s why I support increased vetting on people applying to travel from countries with extensive terrorist ties or activity. We have to have the tools and policies in place to know, with absolute certainty, who these individuals are, where they are coming from, and whether they pose a threat to our communities. There is no travel ban on Muslims, and I would not support such a policy.”