Some state lawmakers are trying to put a stop to proposed toll roads in Missouri and the move is getting a lot of support from small business owners along I-70.

Republican state representative Bryan Spencer of Wentzville proposed an amendment to a budget bill Tuesday night that would stop MoDOT from using money from any account for any toll related purposes. Spencer said the amended bill passed through the budget committee 32-0. He said the tolls are not business friendly.

Pharmacist Mitch Graumenz is part owner of Legacy Pharmacy, a new and independent business in Wright City, right off of I-70.He said he worries drivers will avoid I-70 if they have to pay tolls on the interstate, leaving him with fewer customers.

MoDOT would not comment on the amended bill today. However, MoDOT has considered using tolls on I-70 as an option to create new revenue streams to fund transportation and improve I-70.

The house and senate still have to vote on the budget. Spencer said that will likely happen next week. Spencer believes both Democrats and Republicans support this ban on spending on money tolls in the this budget.