With just more than a week until the November 8th election Missouri’s gubernatorial race is drawing some out of state attention.

Sunday, Missouri Republicans rallied in a ballroom at the Chesterfield Doubletree and were joined by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

Just about every Republican on the statewide ticket for Missouri was in the room and took time on stage to make a case for their own candidacy and for those sharing the ticket.

The event was headlined and held by Republican gubernatorial candidate Eric Greitens and his campaign. Walker took the stage last to introduce Greitens and lend his support to the Navy Seal, author, and founder of a non-profit for veterans before a crowd of a couple hundred. Walker rose to a national profile during a fight with unions in Wisconsin and made a run for president. And his appearance in St. Louis on Sunday drew a handful of protesters outside the event.

After the event, Greitens spoke to reporters and attacked his Democratic opponent Chris Koster for what he said were campaign donations and policy positions tied to Hillary Clinton.

“He embraces Hillary Clinton’s liberal agenda,” said Greitens of Koster.

Koster pushed back against the claim by citing lawsuits he filed against the federal government as attorney general.