KSDK - It was dark. It was night. The weight of the man on top of her was almost unbearable for a five year old girl.

She didn't know she was now a sex trafficking victim. Her mother had left her father and brought Cathy Summers, her 7-year-old brother and her 9-year-old sister far from Texas to Louisiana. Her mother couldn't' make it. She couldn't afford food and they lived in an unlivable home. Her mother began to prostitute herself to make ends meet. Cathy and her siblings would become child trafficking victims.

Her mother's pimp sold the children in towns and states across the country. They moved constantly. The horrors are hard to forget.

"They used us for alligator bait. When they would see the alligator coming toward us, they would pull us in the boat so they could catch the alligator," Summers said.

She remembers seeing ritualistic ceremonies where babies were sacrificed. And she saw traffickers grind children's bodies through meat grinders, like hamburger.

He showed the children what would happen if they didn't' do what he said.

"He would kill our mother, he drugged her, and said 'now watch as she dies". All of us were freaking out and saying please don't kill her, dont kill her. He said if you'll do what I want I'll bring her back that's the power I have, " Summers said.

She said he had the power to move them from highway to highway, away from law enforcement. The nightmare ended when their grandmother rescued them two years later. Her story is now her purpose. She's helping the FBi by educating agents on what victims go through so when agents rescue children, they aren't victiming them again.

Summers found healing through her art. She donates all of her paintings to charities that help raise money for sex trafficking victims. St. Louis is the in the top 20 cities for human trafficking in the country according to the Department of Justice. It's one of the reasons why the FBI does crackdowns in the St. Louis area in its cross-country effort to find human trafficking victims. Agents rescued two victims in the Springfield, Illinois area and arrested pimps in both Springfield and St. Louis County.