The Dallas Stars got a bit more drama then they expected during their visit to St. Louis this weekend.  The team was in town to take on the St. Louis Blues Saturday night, losing 4-3, but the real drama would begin Sunday morning.

Just five minutes after take off from the St. Louis Downtown Airport, enroute to Los Angeles, the crew of the 737 with 50 passengers aboard, including the entire Dallas Stars hockey team, notified the airport they needed to make an emergency landing.

The crew reported there was smoke in the cockpit.  The crew was able to land the plane safely.

Fire crews got everyone off the plane safely and there were no injuries to report.

Air crews reported some kind of electrical burning smell and when the electrical was shut off the smell went away. Maintenance is on scene checking the plane out right now.

Airport officials say a second 
aircraft arrived to pick up the team the team has since departed for Los Angeles.