DES MOINES — What's so special about Chase Carlson? Not that the Oskaloosa native has been with Target for two years and oversees a team of about 230 people at the Super Target in Urbandale. But that his dance moves have gone viral — again.

On Nov. 8 Carlson posted a video on his personal Facebook page of himself dancing along to Juju On That Beat  — a hip-hop song created by Detroit teens Zay Hilfigerrr and Zayion McCall. His video, as of 9 a.m. Tuesday, had over 3 million views, 22,000 shares and 6,000 comments.

Carlson said it generated a bit of attention the first couple of weeks after going online, but all it took was one share recently on Facebook for it to go viral again.

"It was just about two weeks ago that somebody shared it and it spread like wildfire," he said. "It's an eye-opening experience as far as what goes out on the Internet.

"Even though it's a fun thing, it makes me a bit more conscientious about social media period."

The attention has been overwhelming. His phone at times has gone non-stop with social media notifications. Carlson, 24, even said a producer from longtime CBS show Survivor reached out about being on the program. He declined.

"I woke up last weekend and had 1,042 friend requests," Carlson said. "It just so happened that the video just kind of blew up and I had to change the settings on my Facebook."

Let's be honest: Carlson doesn't look like your stereotypical Target employee — if that's even a thing. He's an avid weightlifter and played for Grand View University's male volleyball team while a student there.

Commenters have definitely taken notice of Carlson's appearance. Many have said they've been shopping at the wrong Target, that he's "absolutely stunning" and that he's the "hottest Target employee ever."

But a lot of people have complimented his dance moves, too.

"That's just my kind of leadership style," Carlson said. "I love to make people smile and love to come to work. That's my way that I engage with the team. I try to make this place as fun as possible to work at."

Stay tuned for a future video.

"Hopefully we can make another one that's better," he said. "Keep the people laughing and keep the culture high here in Urbandale."

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