Friday Night Football is big all across America.

High School teams play for pride, honor, the girls, and college scholarships. Well, maybe not everywhere.

In small towns like Breese, Illinois and their neighbors 11 miles away in Carlyle, civic pride and a little slice of Americana are served up - not many of the kids gutting it out in practices and games will be offered free rides to the college of their choice. Yet seeing entire towns coming out to cheer on their high schools presents the good things that sports has to offer.

Breese has a population of just over four thousand; Carlyle, nearly a thousand fewer. The teams came into tonight's game unbeaten at 3-0, and both were unbeaten in their first two Cahokia Conference games, so something had to give. Here's a taste of the game, won by Breese Central on a fourth quarter touchdown by Christian Tehandon, 14-8.

One thing you may notice that brings a game like this into perspective - when the Breese Central marching band performs at halftime you'll see at least three cheerleaders and even a player, minus helmet and pads, pulling double duty. You just don't see that everywhere.