Greetings ladies and gents,

Let's talk about a few things. Five to be exact. Five sounds official and I'll try to make this quick so you can finish that lunch and get back to adulting.

1) The Cardinals can use a Clayton Kershaw. The signature southpaw took the hill for the third time in a week and mere days after closing out the Washington Nationals and shut down the Chicago Cubs in Wrigley Field to tie the NLCS at a game apiece. That's big boy territory. That is something the Cardinals didn't have last year against Chicago and found themselves lacking at times during the 2016 season.

Carlos Martinez may be close, but he's not there yet. Kershaw got a measly run from his Dodger lineup, and only needed 84 offerings to hurl seven innings in front of a capacity crowd that came to see runs and got zero. It's like coming to a concert and the opening band doesn't stop playing. Kershaw exorcized some demons Sunday night. Pitching into the seventh inning in a playoff game and walking off the field with his team whether than by himself. The Cards get a Kershaw type and this division battle is reheated.

2) If you aren't watching Quarry on Cinemax, your life goals are all wrong. Director/Showrunner Greg Yaitanes doesn't waste a second to include a homage to classics, enlighten our visual minds, or knock us out of our seats. The man is an action maestro with a large array of paint brushes. He's taken Max Allan Collins Vietnam soaked hitman tale and told us more about our history and our current dilemma than most Emmy nominated shows. Couple that with breakthrough performances from Logan Marshall-Green and Damon Herriman, and Quarry is the new show you aren't watching yet should start right now. Another notch on the sister premium cable network. While HBO still gets the applause, Cinemax is pouring your the strongest drinks every Friday night.

3) The WNBA playoffs are happening and do you care? The Lynx and Sparks are involved. The Surge are not. Can you handle this kind of excitement? I don't know why the league doesn't get more attention, but I can tell you it has to do with poor marketing, timing, and no true superstars in the league. Relevancy lives next to notoriety.

4) I'll be first in line for Jack Reacher: Never Go Back and here is why. Jack Reacher shoots to thrill and gives Tom Cruise the perfect action hero role. Forget the book. Find me a 260 pound guy not named the Rock who can actually act, and then find me. Cruise is a larger than life credible actor and action star. He hung off the side of an airplane in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. Edward Zwick and Cruise make good movies together. Entertaining films. What's the film about? Who cares? Reacher is mad about something and is going to punch a few people. Before all the misery of serious Oscar contending misery begins, enjoy a dose of Reacher this weekend. One for the little guy!

5) Here's what I will say about Ken Bone and the phenomenon surrounding him this past week. Embrace the guy. We all have our faults and secrets. Bone was in the right place at the right time and has rode the media train for the past week. He's a good dude and honest. He went out to the Morning After Lemmings golf tournament on Friday and did so to raise money for Three Little Birds For Life. If we had ten Ken Bones for every violent offender, the world would be better instantly. Embrace The Bone!

Thanks for reading and take it easy out there!

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