If people could learn how to not only drive, but obey half of the motorist playbook, the world would be a better place. Forget the President not being a loon, global warming, and the price of food and drink going up-better driving would help a lot of things, and the gift would keep on giving every day. I digress...

Welcome back to the end of the week stream of consciousness, where I impose my will on my readers about a variety of issues and topics. In other words, I went and got my shoeshine box, and will unleash a few thoughts before the relaxation period commences. Let's begin here as I sip alka seltzer daytime medicated tea and attempt to breathe through my nostrils.

A few words about allergies. It's impossible to beat them, and I wish more people understood that. There have been a few radio shows where I sound like Tony Soprano jogging through New Jersey, but that's just the way it is. The only thing worse than trying to breathe through your nostrils is being told how you sound and what is ailing you. It's called ragweed and there's no getting around it. Allergies aren't defeated, because the culprit is in the grass, which happens to BE ALL OVER THE PLACE. It's like guarding Lebron James on a basketball court: the hope is merely to contain rather than actually defeat. Stop telling me how I sound. I know.

A few words about Quik Trip. The gas station and snack shop has the best unsweetened (who the heck drinks sweetened tea these days) iced tea in the city, so it's a tragedy when I walk into the joint after a show looking for the dirty water goodness, and find emptiness. It gets worse when the employee tells me it will be an hour before I get help with this problem. It's simple: your place serves tea and you should never be out of it or needing 60 minutes to reload. That's bush league work; something Shell would do. I took this up with the QT twitter account, and immediately got a response:

Don't put down Twitter, because the place is a networking help zone. Let's keep going while the hands are hot. You need anything? No, okay good.

The Blues are a leaking faucet: same as they were last year and the decades of seasons before. Some things never change.Write this down in pen about the Blues: they won't break your heart, but instead tap it with a tiny yet formidible hammer for six months. Mike Yeo or Ken Hitchcock. David Backes or Alex Pietrangelo. It doesn't matter, because the results are the same. Playoffs are probable, but a deep run is unlikely. This isn't being a debbie downer snooze doctor-it's pure fact and history. The Blues were put on this earth to give fans entertainment, albeit frustrating, hockey so get used to it. They won six in a row, lost five afterwards, and have now won two in a row. I prescribe bourbon for a reason. Remember this: 10 of the remaining 15 games are against below average teams. There's hope. But don't bother measuring it.

Logan is a superb movie, and way more than a "superhero flick". No one in the film wears tights, and everybody is hurt. It's funny that director James Mangold peppered this script and movie with Johnny Cash, Shane, and Outlaw Josey Wales references, because I don't think he realized the impact would be so sudden. It's the best superhero/comic book related flick since The Dark Knight, because it has the same DNA going throughout its body. Taking a superhero character, beating him up and bashing him down, so a humanistic story could be told. If you don't like Marvel films, you should still see Logan. It's a genius stroke of filmmaking because it makes you feel for a popular character in an entirely different kind of way. While I watched the movie, all I could think about was a scenario where you plopped Rocky Balboa down in a Western against bigger and badder foes. Hugh Jackman's Wolverine/Logan will go down as the best work of the year. People will forget it by the summer, but I won't.

The Cards are having a good spring, but it's important to not get too far ahead of yourself with spring stats. The big takeaway is how certain players are performing, and if they can keep it up. Michael Wacha and Lance Lynn look great, but can it continue into April, because a problematic shoulder and post Tommy John surgery history doesn't bode well. Adams may have lost a ton of weight, but will that raise his OPS. I didn't read on the Jenny Craig diet label that a better body will lead to better swings against left-handers. I don't watch too much March baseball for two reasons: the regular season is long enough and there's only so many nerve endings to go through. Save your strength for the regular season. For now, just enjoy the return of baseball. When I see people get overly excited about a start or get way down about an 0-4 day at the plate, I shake my head.

Don't knock something before you try it. It's the easiest thing in life to dismiss before a full observation is given. Don't sleep on the NBC series, This Is Us, because it looks like a chick show. The series is anything but relegated to woman interests, and spends as much time on the male characters and perspective. If you mention a series to someone who doesn't like "those kind of shows", I really want to invite them over to my house and make them watch a couple hours of it. I am one of those TV lovers who routinely sends network programming back to the kitchen for something juicier, but This Is Us is an exception. The story, revolving around a family stretching from the 1970's to the current day, produces emotion like few other shows right now, and it doesn't have to manipulate your conscience in order to do so. The acting is stellar, the writing is crisp, and the mystery of certain facets of the plot are well hidden. The first season finale is on Tuesday, so I suggest you catch up.

Don't take your grandparents for granted. It's a very easy thing to do, because people naturally take a number of things for granted. The health of their kids, car, and house. Life doesn't give you time to properly handle every little thing, but I will implore you right now-don't forget about your grandparents. Before you know it, they will be gone. When my grandmother Meme died, I wasn't able to properly say goodbye. My other grandmother is in the hospital right now, and I am taking every opportunity to be present and do what I can. Death doesn't care about you, and when it comes to collect, there's no defense. Call your grandparents tonight.

Gentlemen-remember that a big beard needs to be washed. Dirty beards only look sexy when actors carry them in movies. A small amount of shampoo or body wash will do the trick, and won't damage your skin.

Ladies-please be yourself. Every single day, I see a woman driving herself crazy to be something I assume is another person's idea of a human being. I love a curvy woman who isn't afraid to show off her body. I love a woman who likes to eat steak, and not worry about how they look when they rip into a chicken wing. Let the models worry about their every waking move, because you're beautiful and should be you at all times.

Parents-when your kid is mumbling something to you from the back seat, listen. Keep your eyes on the road, but listen to what they are saying. The one thing kids do exceptionally well is read adults and how they are feeling. When your kid is trying to talk to you, they are actually trying to help you. It's amazing.

One final word about sports and their emotional impact on a soul. I was watching highlights of the Cardinals 2011 run, and a flood of emotions overwhelmed me. It was freakishly sudden, and I almost burst into tears. My son was in the hospital during that run, and my family watched Chris Carpenter outduel Roy Halladay on a small 19 inch television in the Intensive Care Unit. It never fails to amaze what a great game can do to a terribly unfortunate situation. Watch some old clips, and let it wash over you for a minute.