Whenever the Los Angeles Rams do something foolish, I feel obligated to write about it so everybody (or the few who still don't know how bad of a franchise they are) can read about it. In the latest episode of Jeff Fisher/Kevin Demoff hilarity, Rams legend and Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson was treated with a load of disrespect.

Let's pull back a bit. Dickerson rocked Rams football for four years in the 1980s, averaging over 1,000 yards on the ground on the way to a fantastic career. It's what he did after he hung up the cleats that deserves even more admiration. He remained a voice for the Rams for the past 30 years. When the Rams left for St. Louis, Dickerson was a voice and reminder of the legends of the past. He didn't leave the team. When the team returned this year, he was the voice on the radio in LA and was on the sidelines.

Dickerson had harsh words, like the rest of the country of NFL analysts, for the team during the past few weeks and as a result, the Rams told him he wouldn't be allowed to attend the games on the sidelines. There have been many stories the past few days about what actually went down. There was a conversation between Fisher and Dickerson that added up to this. "You make the players uncomfortable. If you continue to be harsh, you won't be allowed to come down." The Rams never fail to stay as far away from first class as possible.

Here's the thing. Football players are big boys. Grownups occasionally. I think they can handle a fair shot of constructed criticism. How about Mike Singletary, brought in as a coach's assistant this past summer, is yelling at Alex Ogletree in camp about his play or stance? Is that okay? Well, Singletary was even on the Rams dime and he could tear apart a player.

Dickerson isn't paid by the Rams. He simply carries the Rams logo across his heart and has loved the franchise for decades. In a land of stand alone mercenaries with their hands extended waiting for a dollar, Dickerson is an exception. He cares about his football team. If he is too harsh, his sideline pass may be given to a Hollywood celebrity instead? Perhaps Rob Lowe should be allowed down there. Check out his tweets. It's ridiculous.

This may be the final straw that gets Jeff Fisher fired. It won't be 163 career losses(three away from the record). It will be a silly PR move. That would be 100 % a Rams move. Kevin Demoff and Stan Kroenke are running a true circus out west and a part of me is reaching peace that it's no longer St. Louis' problem.

I feel bad for the true Los Angeles football fans. They didn't sign up for this hilarity and mockery of standard football respect. They just wanted some good old fashioned football. Let me remind you, Western friends, of what you have.

An owner that was so shady that he stayed quiet for several years before buying land and announcing he was leaving town only to drop in a note that his name is synonymous with two Cardinals legends.

A vice president of football operations who flat out lied to the city of St. Louis about keeping football there and uses Twitter way too much.

A head coach who hasn't won in eight years.

A defensive coordinator who once instructed his players to go head hunting.

A quarterback who was selected for publicity and not for his true football talent, robbing the next coach of a few draft picks in the future.

The Rams don't care about their fans. They don't care about their legends either. Eric Dickerson deserved better.

Join the party, pal.