Mizzou hasn't won a football game in more than a month, and now the question is " Will they win another game this year?"

On Tuesday, the team got news that two of their top defensive players will miss the rest of the season.

Michael Scherer from MICDS and Terry Beckner, a sophomore from East St. Louis have suffered torn ACLs.

For Scherer, it's the end of a career, for Becker, it's his second ACL injury.

Scherer was top ten in the SEC before the injury with 58 tackles, and had more than 90 tackles in his sophomore and junior seasons.

Beckner was a five-star recruit out of East St. Louis High School who also had offers from Florida State and Ohio State. In his freshman season, Beckner was first-team freshman all-american, and first-team freshman all-SEC with 8.5 tackles for loss.

Mizzou will take on Kentucky Saturday at 11 a.m. in Columbia.