Dear Rams, it's about time to fire your head coach.

Jeff Fisher deserves a coaching job with a newly relocated team like I deserve to bump Brad Pitt for a starring role in a summer movie release. He's been a bad coach for years and hasn't "fixed" anything since being with the St. Louis-turned-Los Angeles Rams. Dump him. It's Thanksgiving weekend. Give thanks to the integrity of football in the NFL, if any still exists.

Here are the bare facts. Fisher hasn't posted a winning season since 2008. Remember those days? The Rams had only stunk for a few years. Albert Pujols was at the height of his prime. The Cards were in temporary disarray. The Blues were set to break back into the playoff hunt for many years to come. Fisher had a 13-3 record with the Tennessee Titans. Seems like ancient history now.

Fisher is four losses away from passing former Atlanta Falcons coach Dan Reeves for the most in NFL coaching history. Reeves finished with 165 losses, and was fired after a 3-10 start to the 2003 seasons. However, Reeves did coach the Falcons to a 9-6-1 record in 2002.

Did he deserve to lose his job when the wheels came off? Debatable. However, when compared to the current situation in Los Angeles, it's laughable that Fisher still owns a job.

Fisher came to the Rams under a blanket of excitement. He was the high-dollar coach with a near-Super-Bowl run and capable of turning the mishap franchise into a winner. He had a no. 1 pick quarterback in Sam Bradford, an ownership placing a long-term deal in his pocket, and a free-wheeling style to do whatever he wanted on the field.

Perhaps Bradford's pair of knee injuries derailed his plan. Maybe it was the shortcut Rams front office that didn't do Fisher any favors. Here's what I think. Jeff Fisher isn't that good of a head coach. He hasn't been a good coach in nearly a decade. The fact that he has a job and there are talks of an extension(no matter how hollow they are) create a story line for a comedy. He's just not that good.

In his last 12 years of coaching in the NFL, Fisher has a winning record in just two of them. Pathetic. Fisher is among the highest paid coaches in the league at five million dollars. He's 31-42-1 with the Rams and should be fired.

This weekend would be a great opportunity for the Rams to fire Fisher. The New Orleans Saints aren't a great team, but they are at home and can put up a lot of points. That will force the Rams into throw-happy territory, and Jared Goff will throw a few interceptions and fumble a couple more footballs. He'll cough it up. Todd Gurley won't get going. The defense will break just like they did for 14 points inside five minutes against the Miami Dolphins. It'll happen.

The Rams will be 4-7. Losers of six of their last seven games. Make the move. Fisher will be four game away from the end of his contract. It makes so much sense that even the Rams can't mess it up.

The Rams have a new stadium under construction. They have talent on their roster in Gurley, Aaron Donald, Robert Quinn and Tavon "Overpaid" Austin. They have a fine leg in Greg Zuerlein. Their coach is bad.

What makes you think the players have any desire to go to the brink and back for Fisher after so many uninspiring seasons? A job is a job, but a great football coach can transcend a bad season for his team. Think of Dick Vermeil before the Rams went berserk on the NFL. Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Issac Bruce and Torry Holt made the big plays, but it was Vermeil who inspired hope. Fisher inspires one to detach.

He's a lottery winner. A high paid coach who isn't good at his job. A man who inspires hope to every average high school football coach out there who could become a long-tenured coach in the NFL even if you only have six winning seasons in 21-plus years of coaching.

Fire Jeff Fisher. It makes a lot of sense. Even for the Los Angeles Rams.