Four students surprised Freshman DJ Burkett after football practice on Tuesday with a homecoming proposal. DJ, who has Down Syndrome, is a beloved student coach for the football team.

“He gives them high fives and hugs them up,” said head coach Brent Chojnacki. “He’s always encouraging, makes you happy and feel good.”

DJ and his family approached Coach Chojnacki during open house and asked how they could get involved with the football team. Coach Chojnacki immediately came up with the idea to make DJ assistant coach.

“If we are not doing something right, the intensity isn’t right, I get upset, like most coaches do. I go over and talk to DJ, coach DJ for 5 min and it’s just a pleasure talking to him,” said Coach Chojnacki.

One of the four girls taking DJ to homecoming said she fell in love with his personality right away.

“I saw him at the football game one time and he was running in with the football players and I just thought it was cute,” Beyonce Thorton, a junior, said.

Hazelwood Central will play McCluer Saturday September 23 at 1 p.m.

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