Ronnie Perkins doesn't take the attention for granted.

"I mean, it is a blessing because most people do not get the opportunity that I have," Perkins said as he preps for his final season at Lutheran North.

Perkins may shine at weak side defensive end, but at 6'4'' 260 there is nothing weak about him.In fact, Perkins says he has been this way since junior high.

"When I came back to school everybody was much smaller and the teachers were like, what happened?"

What happened is he has been on everyone's radar ever since. He now has roughly 48 scholarship offers from division one schools.

"I knew very early he was a big time recruit," his head coach Carl Reed said, "even when he was a little guy I knew he was going to be a special player."

Reed added that Perkins' best asset is his athleticism, they even line him up at tight end sometimes. He says no matter what school Perkins chooses, they are getting a special player.

"They are getting a guy who can contribute from day one."

Although Perkins has nearly 200 days to choose between the nearly 50 schools interested in his services, he knows what he is looking for.

"Great academic institution and a good coach that can develop me and make me a better person. Also one that can help me achieve my dream of going to the NFL."