So this happened.  The Los Angeles Kings, who admittedly have had their way with our Blues in recent years, have decided to take on the entire sports fan base of St. Louis in a Twitter war.  Let the fun begin. 

The fun began Thursday many around the nation began trolling the Chargers after the franchise announced it’d be moving to Los Angeles. The LA Kings added their own brutal dig on Twitter during their game vs. the Blues, except this wasn’t directed at the Chargers — this was directed at the city of St. Louis.

The opportunity was there, so the Kings took it.

Los Angeles is now home to the Chargers and Rams, while St. Louis is home to, um, well, they don’t have an NFL team. So cold, Kings. So cold.

Angry St. Louis fans filled their mentions.

So, let the games begin. Tweet us your comments to the Kings by including @ksdksports in your Tweets.