Facing backlash, the Cardinals promptly deleted a tweet Tuesday morning that some claim was sexist.

The tweet, which was promoting next week's replica World Series championship ring giveaway, said "You love baseball, she loves jewelry. On May 17th, it's a win-win."

It was deleted about an hour later.

The team released a statement saying the tweet was deleted because it may have either offended or confused people.

"Earlier today, we posted a spot on social media to promote our upcoming 1967 Championship Ring giveaway.  We received some feedback that it may have either offended some people or created confusion as to whether it was for women only, so we promptly removed it.  Our ring giveaways have always been popular with both men and women, and we want to be clear that we will be distributing 30,000 rings to all fans, age 16 or older, before our game on Wednesday, May 17th."