I have spent exactly zero days in the Major Leagues as an owner, executive, manager or player. However, most men think they can do two things better than any other men, run a baseball team and make love.

To keep this post wholesome, I will stick to baseball. In the understatement of the year, the Cardinals need an impact bat. Matt Holliday was aging and so was Carlos Beltran. So it's been awhile since this organization has had a legitimate star hitter in their prime. How do you say 'Albert Pujols?'

Well, don't look now but the Miami Marlins are about to have their fourth fire sale in 25 years. So that means that Giancarlo Stanton will be shopped. He fits the description of an impact bat in his prime, This 27-year-old slugger will likely hit 40 home runs this summer. He already has been to four All- Star games. He stands 6-6 and weighs 245 pounds. His strength is Herculean. He also draws walks and has an impressive .356 on-base percentage.

Stanton also has an insane contract. It's 13 years for 325 million dollars. He can opt out of the contract in three years.

However, this contract may actually be a good thing for the Cardinals. Because the Marlins are for sale and in debt, they have to move this contract. So normally getting a 27-year-old four-time All-Star would command a ton of talent in return. It won't. Sure the Cardinals would have to trade some pieces, but they wouldn't have to deal their top 4 prospects to get Stanton. The Marlins need a team to take that contract.

The Cardinals are an organization that can afford that contract. Yes, they can. They are on pace to draw 3.4 million in a season which they could finish under 500. That is nuts. They are also about to begin a billion dollar television deal with Fox Sports Midwest.

There will be some other teams involved. However, I think the Cardinals should be active. The Marlins have to move him. The Cardinals have to find an impact bat. The Marlins need prospects. The Cardinals have plenty of them. Make it happen.