ST. LOUIS – Sorry, Chicago. The Cubs may have won the World Series last year, but St. Louis and the Cardinals are still number one.

Fox Sports is confirming what many of us already knew – St. Louis is the best baseball town in North America!

“St. Louis and the Cardinals are synonymous. What other team and city can say that? Sometimes it is just as simple as that,” Dieter Kurtenbach, senior writer with Fox Sports, said of St. Louis.

Photos: Cardinals Opening Day in STL

Kurtenbach ranked the 13 best baseball towns on a combination of atmosphere, attendance, jersey sales, scarcity, and other factors.

Here are the top ten cities that made the list:

10. Los Angeles
9. Detroit
8. Toronto
7. Cincinnati
6. New York
5. Baltimore
4. Boston
3. Chicago
2. San Francisco
1. St. Louis Cardinals

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