It’s no secret that the St. Louis Cardinals have struggled over the past month. While the starting pitching has been stellar, the bullpen has been, to say the least, disappointing.

And even that is an understatement.

Meanwhile, in the ever-so-loving world of social media, the outraged fans have called upon the Cardinals’ organization two send up their best two minor league pitchers: Luke Weaver and Marco Gonzales.

Entering June, Gonzales has an ERA of 2.81. His last start of May saw him go seven innings, striking out six batters, and allowing just two runs on four hits. Weaver has been not only as good as Gonzales, but better. His ERA currently sits at 2.08 after his last start saw him allow just two runs on four hits, while striking out nine (in seven innings as well).

So, why shouldn’t these two young minor league stars be sent up to the big leagues? It’s simple: the team needs to think about the long-term.

Throwing Weaver and Gonzales up to the majors as a short-term solution to a struggling bullpen won’t automatically save the team’s mediocre season. By keeping them down in Memphis, they will continue to prepare for eventually becoming the future starters on the big league roster.

Pitchers such as Adam Wainwright and Lance Lynn won’t be around for many more years, and the team is preparing for a rotation that features Carlos Martinez, Weaver, Gonzales, Reyes, and either Mike Leake or Michael Wacha, both of whom have had seen some successes thus far in 2017.

The bottom-line is this: keep the starters down in Memphis unless something happens to one of the big league starters. The Cardinals’ bullpen needs to take responsibility for their own struggles, and work to improve.

Weaver and Gonzales will be called up when the time comes. Until then, let them continue to shine where they are at.