Have you ever gotten to the bottom of a craft beer and been left wondering what happened? The taste, carbonation and — most importantly — temperature are nothing like the beginning of the experience.

Well, the Piscotty brothers sure have, and they have come up with a solution they are showing off on a new Kickstarter campaign. Nick and Stephen Piscotty headline a three man team working to produce, market and sell the new product aimed at keeping your beer tasty.

"The Beer Bit" is a chilled piece of metal that adheres to the bottom a pint glass using magnetic coasters and keeps you craft beer at its ideal temperature. The bits keep the beer at the right temperature while leaving enough room in the glass for a 12 ounce beer plus the head.

Different beers are best enjoyed at different temperatures, the Kickstarter says, so they have developed different beer bits for different style brews.

If you are interested in backing the product, you can find out more here. The page says they anticipate shipping out the first of their product in February of 2017, so it could make a late Christmas present for the beer drinker in your life.

Stephen Piscotty holds a degree in atmosphere and energy engineering from Stanford, where he also dabbled in hitting Pac 12 fastballs. He was drafted by the Cardinals in the first round of the 2012 draft, before returning to Stanford to complete his degree.

His brother Nick was drafted by the Kansas City Royals in the 32nd round out of high school, but turned the Royals down in favor of Duke University.

He only played one season before graduating a few years later with a Bachelors degree in Economics with a concentration in finance, according to his LinkedIn page.