(Busch Stadium) Provided the rain subsides, the St. Louis Cardinals will return to action with an uninterrupted rotation of Adam Wainwright pitching against Milwaukee and then Lance Lynn, Mike Leake, and Michael Wacha starting in Atlanta.

Wainwright is looking to build off his last two starts, in which both he and the Cardinals were victorious.

“My fastball has been getting better location wise and my curveball is coming around nicely,” said Wainwright. The right-hander was also pleased with his changeup and the sharpness on his cutter after his last outing.

A corner may have actually been turned in that first victory, as after a couple of innings the velocity began to rise into the low 90’s and the location became more locked in for Wainwright.

“I’ve been feeling better as the game’s worn on,” he said. “It’s in there. I just want to hone everything just right.”

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Never blessed with a 100mph-arm, Wainwright has always been a pitcher not a thrower. We’ve seen adjustments in the past, often times in game. So how different is this transition that he’s currently working through?

“Not different,” he said. “The difference in what I did before and what I’m doing now, I’m trying to do the exact same thing but I just did a better job of executing that same plan. The stuff is very similar to what it’s always been. When I’m at my best, I don’t make a whole lot of mistakes. That was something that Lance Berkman used to tell me back in the day, he goes ‘man, we never got any mistakes from you’ so it was very tough to hit. And that’s the way I want to pitch.”

A couple of weeks ago, Wainwright received an endorsement from Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez, who tweeted that he believed Adam was going to “reinvent himself and get people out” and not to worry about his start to the season.

“We’ll see, I always want to make sure the hitters tell me when I need to do something like that,” said Wainwright. “I don’t right now, where my stuff is at and the confidence I have out on the mound, that I need to reinvent the wheel just yet. But I am not opposed to doing so if the hitters tell me I need to.”

“I feel great,” Wainwright continued. “I feel my stuff feels good. I feel good. Now I’ve just got to execute. That’s the bottom line. If you go back to Greg Maddux, and Roy Halladay, Chris Carpenter, Roger Clemens–their key was always executing pitches. I know when I’m going to do that pitch after pitch after pitch, I’m going to get zeroes.”