In the great tradition of Very Tall Person Stands Next to Shorter Person, we present: New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge standing next to Houston Astros star Jose Altuve:

Judge is just over a foot taller, which makes this a fantastic shot, and naturally, people on Twitter made jokes:

The moment before Judge ate Altuve in one bite.
Judge: "Felt a raindrop. I think it's raining."

Altuve: "I don't feel anything."

Judge: "It's still falling. Should reach you any minute."

Altuve looks like a hobbit standing next to Aaron Judge.

Judge is a large human. . Altuve is part of the lollipop guild. . They must be getting ready to shoot an American Express commercial
A pitch at Jose Altuve's face is still a strike for Aaron Judge.
Aaron Judge is the NBA Western Conference.

Jose Altuve is the NBA Eastern Conference.

Judge: What are you doing after the game?
Altuve: My mom is picking me up and we're going to Chuckie Cheese".

Great job, everyone.