Just about to board my second flight to get back to town. I had a slight hesitation in going to Canton this weekend because of one of my kid's athletic events. However, my wife said 4 words, "Come on, it's Kurt." Monique is always right.

Kurt is the most gracious superstar I have ever known. Many of them change as they ascend. Not Kurt, not one bit. He was as humble at the top of his profession as when he first started.

Photos: Warner in Canton

Producer Andy Mohler reminded me this week of the time I came back to the station pitching to the sports department my idea of a feature on this guy trying to be the third string quarterback. Nobody was too excited about it. We had an hour long Sports Plus show to fill so they let me run it. The first of about 100 Warner stories I would run at KSDK.

My favorite was on an April Fools day during his days when he had the bad thumb. He came down to the station and we played catch. We flipped the video around to make it look like he was going to throw left handed. He had all these soundbites indicating he was going to do it. We had the audience fooled for a few minutes.

What a weekend in Canton. He invited Trent Green to be there. Classy to do it. Classy for Trent to accept. I loved seeing his offensive line from Northern Iowa there too.

His speech was beautiful and long. It had a great ending. I think he probably should have mentioned Isaac and Tory by name though. They made the effort to get there and played such a large role in his success. In general, it was a fine speech.

I didn't see Stan Kroenke at the speech. I am not surprised. He took away our football team, but he can't take away the memories that Kurt gave us. None of his billions can deprive us of that. I feel so blessed that we got to see it, to talk about it and to remember it forever.

If I were to tell you, that you were going to get a football team, but it would be snatched away by a greedy owner, would you take the deal? I would. We won in a sense. We got to see the Greatest Show on Turf and Kurt Warner. Thanks for the memories Kurt and thanks for compelling Canton weekend!