The Blues Winter Classic victory at Busch Stadium was a memorable moment for the more than 45,000 fans in attendance.

But it was also life-changing for one couple. They capped off the win with a marriage proposal.

"There were hardly people sitting down," said Blues Fan, Nic Faulkner.

As the Blues defeated the Blackhawks 4-1 during their first Winter Classic matchup, die hard fans and couple Faulkner and Nickie Yeargain were there to witness the magical victory

 "That game ended and it was like lightning in Busch stadium it was amazing," Faulkner said.

For this couple, the most memorable moment would come seconds after the win.

"Everyone's counting down with the time, it gets to zero and I look at her and I'm like 'I'm so happy right now. Do you know what would make me even happier?' and that's when I did it," Faulkner said.

Then, in the middle of the cheers,  a friend recorded this video as Nic got on one knee and popped the big question.

"It was crazy, I was kind of star-struck," Yeargain said. "I totally forgot we were at the Winter Classic;  we were like in our own little bubble."

Through the shock, Nickie answered "Yes."

"I'm getting married to my best friend. It's absolutely amazing. I Couldn't have asked for a better day," she said.

It was a great day, that Nic says would have happened regardless of the score.

"I would have done it if the Blues lost, yes, because I had been planning this for a really long time," he said.

The couple plans to tie the knot sometime in the fall.

Fan photos: Celebrating the Winter Classic at Busch Stadium