St. Louis Blues season ticket-holder Chris Kopeck estimates he spends about $5,000 dollars, annually, to root for the Note.

Between tickets, parking, and game-day entertainment, Kopeck says he feels like he's still getting a bargain to satisfy his hockey fix.  

"Well, first of all, the Blues have never disappointed in my time here, and that's ten years now," Kopeck, a New York native, said. "And I really enjoy hockey, I can't think of a better sport to see live. For me, it's worth the money."

And compared to fellow hockey fans across the league, Kopeck is getting a good deal.

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The Blues routinely finish with high grades in so-called "cost per win" studies done by sports websites and secondary market outlets.

According to the latest study by, which came out last week, Blues playoff hockey is the best deal around, at least for now.

The average price for a Blues ticket, in round one of this year's playoffs, is $146 dollars.
Compare that to fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs, who shelled an average of $606 dollars to see their team in round one.

"For our season-ticket holder, the price for the first round is locked in at the price they paid during the year (regular season)," said Josh Bender, the Blues Group V.P. of Ticketing and Guest Experience. "So we do make an effort to make sure the price is favorable for them and we set a price based on that for the general public as well."

Bender explained that the price for a Blues playoff ticket can fluctuate wildly, based on the round, opponent, and even the day of the week.

But at least for now, in a certain way, Blues fans like Chris Kopeck can take heart knowing they're getting the best bang for their hockey buck in all of North America.

"I'm certainly not complaining," Kopeck smiles.