The St. Louis Blues will begin training camp on Sept. 14. Their coach, Mike Yeo has a lot on his mind, but there's something more pressing than his hockey team.

You would think having to open the season at the home of the defending Stanely Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins would be foremost in Yeo's mind. I am sure it's there, but it's the city of Houston he trying to help now.

Yeo is like the rest of us. He was overwhelmed by the destruction of Hurricane Harvey.

“It's been eye-opening and quite emotional,” Yeo said, “when you watch the news and you see what’s going on down there and you know people [down there].”

Yeo played in Houston, coached in Houston, saw his children born in Houston and still has a home in Houston.

“As players, as coaches, we don’t just go and play or go and coach in a city, it becomes your home,” Yeo said. “It becomes way more than just a place that you work.”

So the coach and the Blues are raising money via an auction on their website with six different items.

How about a road trip with the team: on the charter and staying at the hotel — incredible access.

Or a one-hour practice session coached Mike himself.

“I would love to run a practice for somebody,” Yeo said. “I hope somebody locally wins that part of it because I don’t want to have to travel to Toronto or something in the middle of the season.”

Mike Yeo. A coach about to begin training camp, but trying to reach out.

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