The St. Louis Blues announced one of their original players has died.

Noel Picard played for the Blues from 1967 until 1973 and played in 278 regular games. Picard passed away Wednesday after a long battle with cancer.

Bob Plager released this statement after learning of the passing of Picard

"Noel was one of the best friends and teammates that I had here. He gave me a chance to be a better player. He made a lot of us better players and our success in the playoffs in those early years, he was a big, big part of us being successful. He was a player that gave a lot of our players a chance to become better players. I know he made a better player of me.

"Everybody knew Noel Picard. Everybody in this city from those days will have a Noel Picard story. He was around the city, everybody loved him and everybody talked about him. They all had stories, and some of them could be a little crazy, but those were the true ones."