Throughout its long, long ordeal with the NCAA, Ole Miss has constantly said it's eager to tell its side of the story.

Now it's starting to do so.

The university released its response to the notice of allegations on Tuesday. Ole Miss received the NOA in February.

The document can be read in full here.

Ole Miss released a nearly 21-minute video outlining the 21 allegations levied against its football program on Feb. 22. The university self-imposed a one-year postseason ban the same day.

As a result, it had to forfeit its SEC postseason football revenue, which is expected to be $7.8 million.

The university was charged with lack of institutional control and Hugh Freeze was charged with violating his head coach responsibility legislation. Both constitute as Level I violations, which the NCAA considers the most serious.

Ross Bjork, Ole Miss' athletic director, said the school planned to contest both of those charges.

Ole Miss received its first notice of allegations in January 2016 and released its response in May of last year.

Women's basketball and track and field allegations were included with the football allegations in that notice. The women's basketball and track cases, which were separated from football, came to a close in October.

Those three sports were charged with 28 violations in the first notice, 13 of which belonged to the football program.

Nine of those violations occurred under Freeze. The other four happened during former coach Houston Nutt's tenure.