Brandon Miller and Hasani Barr aren't even close to finishing high school but they're very confident they're already on the right track to stardom.

“Hopefully I can meet my goals of going to the Olympics and hopefully being one of the greatest of all time," Miller said.

Miller has incredibly large dreams for a 15-year-old. But Olympic dreams may actually not be all that unrealistic.

The John Burroughs High Schooler just finished his freshman year and already has an astounding resume: a state championship in the 800-meter dash; he was a world record holder as a 14-year-old in the same event; and just last week in Detroit at the AAU Jr. Olympics he set a new national record in the 800 meters with a time of 1:49.87.

"All gas no brakes," joked Miller.

The icing on the cake is the fact that Miller has a friend and training partner in Barr, who may be just as talented.

"Training with him is just amazing and he's a dog," said Miller.

The two started running against each other around the age 8 or 9. They eventually became friends and training partners and are now part of the same AAU club, Ultimate Speed Academy Track and Field Club.

"We just push each other to be better," said Barr.

The incoming junior goes to Cardinal Ritter. His latest feat was winning the national title in the 400 meters last week with a time of 48.91. His personal best is 47.4.

And oh yeah, Barr and Miller are on a 4x400 relay team with Lazarus Williams (Aenas Williams' son) and Jameson Williams who just took second in the nation.

"Every workout we did, whether it be speed work or endurance work, I just gave it my all," said Miller.

And even though the teens still have years left with their high school careers, they're already eyeing one major goal.

"I know we will see each other at the 2020 Olympics. I know for a fact me and him will be at 2020 Olympics," said Barr.

"Nothing's impossible. You gotta just put your mind to it and once you dedicate yourself fully to something, you can be great at it," he said.

Miller, who still isn't old enough to legally drive a car, feels the same way.

"God only knows what I can accomplish in the future so I am just ready to see what I can do," he said.