Back in 2010 the St. Louis Royals made it to the U.S.A. Rugby National Championships and head coach Steve McKinstry will be the first to tell you that playing for a Division three national title, took the Royals by surprise.

It wasn't expected and they finished as the runner-up that year.

But now, seven years later, the Royals are headed back to the D-3 Championship game, and this time around to walk away with anything less than a national title would be a disappointment.

One of the biggest reasons the Royals have their sights set so high is because of the talent that's on this year's team.

They have players from Ireland, New Zealand, and Zimbabwe who have been playing the sport since they were young. Much like how kids start playing American football at a young age here in the United States.

Lindenwood also has a top tier rugby program and a lot of those players have joined the St. Louis Royals,

and it's put them in a position to win a national title come Sunday in Glendale, Colorado.