Tuesday's 2-1 win over the Wild was what the doctor ordered for the Blues, who came home for a cup of coffee with back-to-back home games Friday against the Ducks and Saturday against the New York Islanders.

Now the question for the Blues (33-27-5), who led the Los Angeles Kings by three points for the second wild card in the Western Conference and three behind the Nashville Predators for third place in the Central Division, can they follow it up?

"We've shown that we can do it," Yeo said. "Now we have to show that we can do it consistently. It should provide us with some confidence, it should provide a little bit of a blueprint in terms of the way that we play the game, the approach that we have from the drop of the puck. It's nice that we did that, it's nice to have that in the bank, but it's what we do going forward now. We can use that, but we have to make sure that we get the job done and for me ... you can never guarantee results, but you can guarantee yourself a real strong performance and that comes from your preparation and when you do that, then you give yourself obviously a great chance.

In The Slot

Blues keeping pucks out of their net at league-best pace; Yeo had thoughts elsewhere; Schmaltz debut; increased shot volume By LOU KORAC ST. LOUIS -- It's been quite a run since Mike Yeo took over as coach of the Blues on Feb. 1.


"... We've earned a position where we control our own destiny right now. We can't hope our way into the playoffs, we can't hope other teams are gonna lose. We've got to win a lot of hockey games and we've got to get points along the way and if we do that, we'll be fine."

The Blues will play a stretch of games with the utmost importance, including this weekend's games against the Ducks and Islanders, who are jockeying for playoff position, before heading to the west coast, but a win against the Western Conference-leading Wild at this time of year can carry a lot of weight.

"They each have their own scenario and story, but I think the mentality that we had was excellent," Blues right wing David Perron said. "We played a complete game. We had the right intentions of shooting the puck and being at the net. In the NHL, every team wants to do the same thing. They want to outwork the other team, be smart and I think it comes down to details again."