Colin Kaepernick took the nation by storm when he first decided not to stand for the national anthem back in August.

Since, other football players, athletes and everyday citizens joined in the San Francisco 49ers quarterback's cause, which he said he began to protest the oppression of African Americans and police brutality. He said he would stand for the anthem again when he saw change.

Kaepernick garnered much support while others became outraged. However, on Tuesday, the day of the presidential election that republican nominee Donald Trump won, Kaepernick admitted that he did not vote and did not follow the results. He had stated earlier that he did not support either candidate.

When it was revealed that Kaepernick did not vote, many were stunned that the man who began a movement in hopes of bringing about change did not participate in the democratic process to elect policy leaders who have the greater hand in enacting change.

Stephen A. Smith, an outspoken commentator on ESPN, had this to say when he found out that Kaepernick did not vote, calling the quarterback "selfish" among other things:

This is what people thought on Twitter:

There were some that supported Kaepernick's choice:

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