St. Charles County Prosecuting Attorney Tim Lohmar is scheduled to hold a news conference at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday in relation to the Pamela Hupp case.

Lohmar’s office isn’t commenting specifically on what the press conference will be about, but his assistant stated in an e-mail that it has to do with “recent developments.”

But multiple sources have confirmed to 5 On Your Side that prosecutors are expected to add aggravating circumstances to Hupp’s existing charge of first degree murder.

The legal maneuver essentially elevates the severity of the alleged offense and entitles prosecutors to pursue enhanced sentencing options, including the death penalty.

Under Missouri statute, there are nearly 20 different factors that can qualify as an aggravating circumstance, including if a murder was “outrageously horrible.”

Hupp is currently in custody and charged for the August 2016 shooting death of Louis Gumpenberger at her home in O’Fallon.

Hupp has admitted to the killing, but claimed it was self-defense when Gumpenberger, a stranger, got into her home after holding her at knife-point in her SUV outside.

Authorities contend she actually lured him to her home and planted evidence to make the whole encounter look like self-defense.

Police said previously they believed Hupp was attempting to take attention away from herself for the 2011 death of Besty Faria in Lincoln County.

Attorneys for Betsy’s husband, Russ, who was acquitted of her murder after a retrial, publicly identified Hupp as a suspect in the high-profile crime that gained national attention.

Hupp has pled not guilty to the first degree murder charges.

Five on Your Side will be at the news conference on Thursday and will update this story with new details as they become available.