Most of the St. Louis metro area could see as much as an inch of snow on Saturday morning.

While ground temperatures are above freezing, light, slushy accumulations can be expected and roads may become slushy and elevated surfaces could be quite slick. 

Most road crews believe the weather's impact to roads should be minimal, but they're gearing up to respond as need arises.

MoDOT says it is pre-treating major highways ahead of the winter storm. It also has a skeleton crew ready to hit the streets as early as 2 a.m. Saturday and will be fully staffed by 7 a.m.

IDOT says it is spraying bridges and overpasses.

St. Louis County crews are anticipating needing to salt the roads overnight Friday.

St. Louis City will spray bridges and overpasses, and be ready for things as they come up on Saturday. The city is also increasing outreach and shelter beds available to the homeless population.

Overall, this weather event isn't expected to impact roads heavily, but crews will be ready just in case.

The hard freeze could however be devastating to flowers and buds on early-blooming trees, and could impact this year's peach crop in particular. Flowering bulbs such as daffodils and tulips should survive the cold blast.