A Wentzville woman said a tornado left her confused, scared and mad after heavy winds picked up and flipped over their home as she and her husband slept Monday night.

The two took the brunt of the tornado that slammed into Wentzville just before midnight Monday.

“We were asleep in our bed,” said Sandy Orr, when the winds came rushing through.

The storm grabbed hold of Sandy and Mike Orr's mobile home, taking the term 'jostled out of bed' to a new level.

“When it hit, it was just tossing us and we landed right here,” said Orr.  “And I'm like 'Why are we falling through the floor?' And It wasn't, it was the ceiling.”

Sandy and Mike were dazed and confused.  Their neighbor, Jerry Cook, was amped up and emotional.

“I came out and I saw her trailer like this,” said Cook, as his voice cracked.  “I came running over here see if I could help them.”

It all happened in a matter of minutes.  The tornado uprooted trees, tore off roofs and threw things around.

Neighbor Mary Jane Blanco said a shed and trampoline were thrown around in the storm.

Houses in a nearby neighborhood and other mobile homes were also damaged, but none quite as bad as Sandy's place.

“I know God kept us alive for some reason, you know, it just wasn't our time,” she said.

Sandy and Mike both went to the hospital with cuts and bruises. They were treated and released. No other injuries reported.