FARMINGTON, Mo. - One of the first areas to see freezing rain on Friday was St. Francois County. It started raining at around 5:30 a.m. in Farmington and it didn't take long for icicles to form on things like signs, railings, and cars.

"My main concern is to go slow and to keep all four tires on the road," one man said while scraping ice off his car.
Throughout the morning on HWY 32, which goes through Farmington, the road looked more wet than icy. MoDOT crews treated it and other major highways before and during the rainfall.

However, drivers are urged to drive cautiously even in areas that appear clear. Any untreated areas are especially of concern. Karl Schrock, a truck driver, said he was worried about his safety while making his deliveries.

"Some of these roads are kind of hilly and curvy on these back roads," Schrock said. “If it gets too bad, I'll lay up somewhere and wait it out I guess."

Ice building up on power lines is another concern.

"Hope we’ve got enough provisions at home to last if the power goes out," one driver said.

If that happens, Ameren has a heavy presence in the area to respond to any outages.

Officers from the St. Francois County Sheriff's Department said there weren’t any major problems on the roads in the morning.