Showers and storms are threatening our outdoor festivities as we celebrate the Fourth of July in St.Louis. Scattered showers and storms are possible, especially through late afternoon and early evening.

While the chance of showers and storms may have you a little stressed, rain in St. Louis on the 4th is hardly a rare occurrence. According to the National Weather Service, in the years since 1847, St. Louis has gotten rain on July 4th 58 times, or roughly 34% of those years. And seven times St. Louis recorded more than a inch of rain on the 4th!

The average high temperature is 88°, but in 2012 the mercury climbed to 105°! Highs this year should be close to 90°, but 5 different times we had hit 100° or more on the big day in St. Louis!

This year will be warm with a chance for scattered wet weather, but as you can see, we've dealt with worse conditions. We'll be watching the radar for you. From everyone on the 5 On Your Side Weather Team... have a happy and safe 4th of July!