The snow is over for most of the area, and the winter weather will give way to clearing skies and dropping temperatures.

Light snow fell across the St. Louis area throughout the day, but temperatures will be the things falling as the day goes on. Wind chills in the area could even dip below 0.

Ryan Dean is reporting that all MoDOT began treating Missouri roads around 3 a.m. and apparently there plan is working as we have received very few reports of accidents, no major slow downs, and in fact from most interstate lanes are mostly clear of snow and pavement is visible to drivers. 

Kiya Edwards is reporting that IDOT had 160 crews out on the roads over night.  Conditions during the morning rush have mainly been good, with traffic moving steadily, but cautiously. 

With a bit of snow on the ground, temperatures will remain cold across the region through the weekend. Overnight low temperatures will drop into the single digits the next few nights with the daytime highs only in the 20s.

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