Today's high temperature at Lambert International Airport climbed to 100°. It was the first time in 2017. In fact, it was the warmest it has been in St. Louis since July 24, 2016.

This heat is taking a toll, on people who have to be outside, and vegetation around the region. Lawns are getting crunchy in spots, and some lawns are even starting to brown a bit. A quick glance at the almanac, and you'll see that through Monday evening July 10, St. Louis is 3.71" above normal in 2017. But much of that came with flooding rains during Spring. More recently it has been a much different story.

It's been over 10 days since our last 1/4 inch rainfall at the airport. And you have to go back about 3 weeks to find our last heavy rainfall of an inch or more in a day.

Then consider the recent heat wave. 10 of the past 13 days have been over 90°. And the three that weren't still had highs in the upper 80s.

The next week will continue to be hot. Highs are expected to reach the upper 90s to near 100° for the next couple of days, and then "cool" into the mid-90s Thursday and lower 90s Friday. Even the relatively cooler conditions this weekend will be at or above normal, with highs staying in the lower 90s early next week.

At least the chances for wet weather will increase Thursday and Friday. Try to stay cool, and stay tuned to and 5 On Your Side News for updates this week.