A hidden treasure trove of props at The Muny

Seven weeks out of the summer this stage is filled with incredible sets and colorful characters often waving, holding, pushing something that's been setting on a shelf down here.

"So this is the area where we store all of our hand props and the smaller big props for the stage," explains Larry Pry, Assistant Marketing Director at The Muny.

It's a place where time or rather time periods are of the essence.

"You've got your RC clock, you've got your antique clock pick your show, pick your time period we'll keep the time for you," Pry points out.

Pry is our tour guide through the rather ordinary and the odd.

"It's very organized for example if you need a mason jar or a coconut drink cup," Pry says pulling out a coconut drink cup.

Baskets, bicycles, even a bunch of bird cages are crammed on the shelves.

"The designers and the prop masters meet they tell them exactly what they're looking for. They pull it say okay this one, let's paint it blue, paint it red, uh that's not quite right try again," Pry explains.

It is a pack rat's paradise.

"We've got the Mona Lisa just here hanging out in props in case we ever do 'Annie' we need that picture," he goes on to say.

And all of this, amazingly enough, is only part of it.

"We actually have another warehouse off site that we have the bigger items, like Cinderella's carriage and things like that," Pry explains.

But there is one rather big piece here that will be pulled out later this summer.

"This we will see in 'Grease' because this is grease lightning, we actually own grease lighting," he says.

Other stuff is bought or rented as needed. So the Muny is obviously a St. Louis treasure, but it's also home to thousands of treasures you only see from a distance every once in awhile.


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