Show Me St. Louis: Three hidden gems in St. Louis

Show Me St. Louis is about to begin it's 21st season...and with that many years under our belt we've seen some pretty incredible places.. some of which are sort of hidden gems. But these aren't secrets we want to keep.. we want you to know about them. .

Hidden Gem #1: Bonne Terre Mine

The Bonne Terre Mine is one of them.  It's about an hour from downtown St. Louis and it is incredible. It's one of the world's largest man-made caverns.  It was a lead mine from 1860 to 1962 and when it closed they left it like it was so you'll see old mining tools. It's also a one billion gallon lake which makes it a unique diving destination. People all over the world suit up and slip into the water here because this a completely different underwater experience.  National Geographic Adventure named the diving at Bonne Terre Mine one of the top 10 adventures in America. Jaque Coustou even paid a visit in 1983. Of course there's also plenty to see on dry land or sort of get your feet wet with a boat tour.

Hidden Gem #2: The Awakening

Another hidden gem, is one you really can't miss if you know where to look.  The Awakening is a sculpture that stretches 70 feet. It was put into the ground near Chesterfield Amphitheatre, just west of chesterfield mall back in 2009. People are invited to climb into the oversized hand or lean on the knee for a fun picture.  It was created by Seward Johnson and you can stop by and see it from dawn to dusk.

Hidden Gem #3: The Wabash, Frisco and Pacific Railroad

And the last hidden gem is a train ride that has made kids smile since 1939.  The Wabash, Frisco and Pacific Railroad moved to Glencoe, Missouri in 1961 and it's never lost steam.  Guest are invited to climb aboard a 12 inch gage steam train for a 20 to 30 minute ride along the Meramec River.
The Railroad is open every Sunday, May through October rain or shine.  The first train pulls out of the station at 11 am and then trains depart about every 20 minutes up until 4:15
A four dollar donation is asked of each passenger. Children 3 years old and younger can ride for free.  If you need directions go to


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