St. Louis Centennial Beer Festival


As the weather gets a little warmer, you might find yourself craving a cold one. You're in luck since this weekend there's a big beer festival. The St. Louis Centennial Beer Festival is celebrating its 6th year with you get the chance to sip on more than 80 brews.

"There's a couple unique things about this festival, one is it's one of the larger festivals that are indoors. There's also a tradition here in this building, this was part of the Schneider Brewing Company so we get to use this fantastic historical venue to feature all these great beers that are available in St. Louis," says Centennial Beer Festival Founder, Jason Arnold.

The festival gives beer lovers a chance to find something new and helps guide those discovering their own pallet some room to explore.

Arnold says, "A lot of people don't realize that they love beer and this is a great opportunity to try some of the beers that maybe you don't want to commit a six pack to, so if you're thinking 'gee I like beer, but I don't want to go out and by that case of beer' or that six pack of beer you can come here and you can focus on trying two or three different beers that maybe you wouldn't normally try."

It's a place where beer drinkers and beer experts can come together and learn from one another.

"Our festival will be maybe 1000-1200 people so it's relatively small, really intimate and it's a great opportunity to relax and talk to people. It's not meant to be line up have a little sample and line up again, so we really like that because you get to interact with the brewmasters one on one," says Arnold.

The St. Louis Centennial Beer Festival is happening this Friday and Saturday at the Moulin Events space located at 2017 Chouteau Avenue, that's the same building as Vin de Set and PW Pizza. There are a few different tasting times, and ticket price ranges. You can find details at


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