St. Louis teacher steals the show in Grease

Her character is brutally honest, sassy and soulful. She is wickedly talented.

"That's great of you to say thank you, but actually I'm just trying to stay focused on the words! I'm just trying to just be in the moment and give the audience what they came for," explains Teressa Kindle, the actress playing Teen Angel in Grease at The Muny.

The thing is, that's not really her main role, for that you have to come here to Koch Elementary.

"You know what I truly believe I'm called to teach. I'm called to be a teacher. God has me here to be in this specific classroom. this specific district with these specific children," Kindle says.

That wasn't always the case.

"I think every little girl has that moment where they are either a princess or a movie star. So I was going to be a big star and I would hold my pencil in the mirror and all of that," she goes on to say.

She went to Central Visual and Performing Arts High School and even got her bachelors in performing arts at Lindenwood.

"And it was in college that I realized that I realized that this wasn't necessarily my career, I loved to do it, but it wasn't you know that instinctual calling," she explains.

So like her character encourages Frenchy she went back to school and got her masters in education.

"It's a great thing because I'm still a performer as a teacher, I'm singing multiplications facts," Kindle points out.

Of course, standing in front of a bunch of fifth graders is slightly different than standing on that Muny stage.

"The Muny holds 11,000 people and I have a solo so there's nothing to distract the audience from me seeing me mess up," she says.

As if. Night after night she has all 11,000 on their feet, but she's more concerned about her next audience. The one that will sit here.

It's a reminder that you don't always need your name in lights to deserve a standing ovation.


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