Tails from the Zoo: A special garden for the animals

Dana Dean takes us to a special garden at the zoo you probably haven't been to.

Not far from the elephants, but closer to the cheetahs at the Saint Louis Zoo, you'll spot a garden near the train tracks maybe you haven't noticed.

The plants grown here aren't just for looks, they're here for the animals to enjoy.  What's known as the Browse and Enrichment Garden isn't exactly the main attraction at the zoo, but it is on display so visitors can see what zoo horticulturists are growing for the animals to eat.

From basil to lemongrass and cilantro to sumac, nearly all of the animals at the zoo benefit from this garden. While it's just a small portion of what animals eat, it's enough for them to snack on, play with, or smell.

Big thanks to the St. Louis Zoo and Tony Range, Horticulture Supervisor, for this tour.


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