The Bunny House

SHOW ME ST. LOUIS- Rabbits can only handle one baby carrot but it has a lot of sugar in it and their systems don't handle sugar well. Also rabbits prefer a water bowl, not one of those water bottles, they suck water like a horses do so its hard for them get a lot of water out of those water bottles. These are just some of the interesting fun facts you'll learn at the brand new & first rabbit shelter in Missouri!

*Watch the story above to find out more!

The House Rabbit Society of Missouri St. Louis or the Bunny House, has a website:

You do need to make an appointment if you want to visit the shelter. To do that call their hotline (618)632-2940.
The shelter is in fenton but that 618 number is one of the volunteers phones and she can help with whatever you need!

They are also looking for volunteers and donations to keep the place up and running & help more bunnies!


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